How do I annotate photos?

To annotate photos follow these steps:


1) During certain parts of the job there will be Take Photo button, click on this to enable the device camera.

2) Take the photo as normal and confirm this will take you back to MMW

3) There is now an option asking if you would like to Annotate the photo click yes to bring up a text box

4) Type whatever information you need and click Save

That is what your users will see when they successfully take a photo.



If you want to annotate an image you have already taken, and did not annotate it immediately when the annotation message appeared (like the print screen above). There are two ways of doing this.


Option 1

1) Click on the Three dots in the top right and click on the option Photo Manager

2) Look for the photo that did not have the annotation added to it

3) Under the photo there are 2 options, you want to select the left one which has a pen inside a box

4) A text box will appear where the user can then annotate the image.




Option 2

1) Click on the Three dots in the top right of the screen

2) Click on the Photo Manager option in the drop down

3) Look for the photo that has not been annotated

4) Click on the photo and a text box, saying annotate will be below the image.

5) Once done editing,  select Save Photo



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