How Do I Wipe a Device?

If the device is online, you can easily clear all of the device's’ data remotely using SOTi MobiControl. This is particularly useful if a device has been lost or stolen. Follow these steps to wipe a device:


  1. Log in to the MobiControl portal
  2. Right click on the device that you want to wipe
  3. Highlight 'Action' from the menu and press 'Wipe'
  4. Press ‘Yes’ to the warning that appears


If you don’t want to delete everything, the support team can put the device under complete lockdown so that only the option to call support is available.

If you don't wish to wipe all the data from the device (i.e. if lost or stolen), we can also put the device under complete lockdown with only the option to call ourselves in the event that the device is found. To do this, [Submit a support request].

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