How to stop a white screen appearing when taking photos

When using the MyMobileWorkers app and trying to take a photo inside of a job is giving you a white screen, it means that the pictures folder on the device has been deleted. The steps to fix the problem may vary depending on your device.

The steps below is for a Samsung Xcover 3 but may be the same if you are using a different Samsung model.

Adding the pictures folder back

  1. Locate the "MyFiles" app on the device
  2. Once open scroll down and select the option "Device Storage"
  3. Press on the 3 dots in top right hand corner
  4. Select the "Create Folder" option
  5. Type in "Pictures" (Make sure it has a capital P or else the folder won't work)

And that will be it so any future picture you take in MyMobileWorkers will no longer give you a white screen.

If the device is enrolled under SOTI inform us of the asset number of the device (Found at the top of the mobicontrol app), and if we can connect to it we will be able to add the Pictures folder our side.

MyFiles does not exist on the device

If you don't have the "My Files" app you will need to go to the playstore and download the app "ES File Explorer". Once that's downloaded and opened follow the steps below to add the folder back:

  1. Select "Internal Storage" option at the top
  2. Click the 3 dots in the top right corner
  3. Select where it says "New"
  4. Select the "Folder" option
  5. Name the folder "Pictures" with a capital P and then hit OK

And the folder is now added back to the device and should be working with MyMobileWorkers again.

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