How to unlock jobs for portal users

When a job is downloaded to the device the job is locked, meaning that you won't be able to change any details about the job.


However you can unlock the job;

  1. On the web portal, go to settings across the main toolbar
  2. On the left hand side go to device settings
  3. Make sure the setting “Today's unstarted jobs are unlocked in portal” is activated
  4. Ensure you save these settings


Quick Steps to unlock job;

  1. Make sure the setting is enabled (If you are unsure just ask the Support team)
  2. Get the user who's looking at the task list to back out to the main menu
  3. Refresh your browser page and the padlocks next to the jobs will disappear

If you are having issues with getting the jobs to unlock then raise a ticket to support through our knowledge base via [this link]

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