How do I create a set of recurring jobs?

If you have jobs that occur on a set basis, for example, a job at the same customers’ address doing the same task every two weeks, then you may want to use the job scheduling tool.


This allows portal users to create a schedule of jobs rather than manually entering them, saving time in the office.


To create a schedule of jobs, follow these steps:


  1. In the web portal, select ‘Jobs’ from the list along the top
  2. On the menu on the left, select ‘Scheduling’ and ‘New schedule’
  3. Here, you will see a list of all the workflows in the account. Select the job type you want to create a schedule for


You will notice that most of the job details required are similar to creating a normal job, apart from the details at the top of the page.

  1. Give the schedule a name, e.g. ‘Maintenance for ABC Company’
  2. Select how often you want the job to repeat, e.g. ‘Every 2 weeks from start date’
  3. Select when to start the schedule, i.e. when the first job will be, and when to end the schedule, e.g. when the contract comes to an end
  4. The quantity is how many jobs you want the schedule to create in advance (these jobs will appear in the calendar and block out the time and date. If you don’t want it doing this, keep the quantity to a minimum)
  5. Press ‘Create’

Pressing ‘View’ will show the details of the workflow such as the address and the dates of the jobs, along with job numbers.


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    Roger Player

    Thanks, a good number of our repeat job bookings occur at irregular intervals and cannot be done with Scheduler.  Please assist us with this issue using rebook and copy features as mentioned.

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