How do I customise MyMobileWorkers with my companies logo?

On the MyMobileWorkers Portal you can customise the look and feel by uploading your own company's logo.

To upload a logo you will need the Allowed to modify system settings permission activated for the portal user.This can be found in:

  1. Users,
  2. manage portal users,
  3. permissions

To add a company logo, click:

  1. Settings along the top bar
  2. Then, Portal Branding from the left hand side
  3. From there you will see a drop down menu, select Site Logo.
  4. Click Select a new image and locate the logo on your local machine

Logos must be

  • Under 1mb in size
  • File extension 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'gif', 'png'.

Logos will be automatically re-sized to fit within the header once uploaded.

For best results we recommend using a 'png' with a transparent background, optimum logo size is around 270x85.

Once you have selected your image you will be presented with your logo and 4 buttons underneath it - change, reset, remove, save. If you are happy with your logo, then click save.

To view the changes, simply click on your dashboard.

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