How do I edit a customer or contact in the address book?

When creating a job, and the address book feature is enabled, the user will be able to select existing address book customers and contact details to use for a job.

To find the address book simply click on the CRM tab on the navigation bar:




Only web portal users with the right permissions will be able to edit customers.

To edit a customer:

  1. On the web portal, go to customers, after selecting the CRM tab
  2.  Click on the cog wheel under the tools section
  3. You will be given details of the customer, edit it to how you want and click save

To edit a customer contact:

  1. Click on Customer Sites on the left hand side
  2. Follow steps 2&3 from above


You will also see other buttons on the CRM page:

  1. Filter by - this is used if you want to find all customers with that name
  2. Assets - If your customer has specific equipment then you can assign equipment to that customer.
  3. Cog wheel - this is used if you want to alter the details of the customer
  4. X - this is used if you need to delete the customer (this is irreversible)
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