How do I use the calendar?

MyMobileWorkers gives you the ability to view your jobs on a calendar.

To use the calendar on the web portal:

  1. Click on the jobs tab and down the left hand side you will see Calendar.
  2. Once you click on the calendar tab you will be able to filter your jobs by mobile users within branches.
  3. To do this, simply click on the branch you want to view and you will see a drop down menu, toggle the display button on/off for the mobile user(s).
  4. When you have done this, click on filter and it will show what you need to display.

Along the top right hand side you can change your calendar view between day/week/month, you can also click the left and right arrows on the top left hand side to change the weeks.

To return to the dashboard, click the home icon in the top left hand corner.

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