Can I send my job data via e-mail?

MyMobileWorkers gives you the ability to send job data via e-mail.


  1. On the web portal, click on the Jobs tab on the toolbar,
  2. Select a job you want to export
  3. Select Export along the left hand side
  4. A dialog box will appear, allowing you to select either the default job export, or a custom export template that can be created for you. Once you have selected the export, click the Email button and select Next.Capture.PNG
  5. Now, type in the email addresses you wish to send to (if more than 1 address then you will have to separate them with a ; ) Also put in a subject and message that you would like to see sent on the email.Capture2.PNG
  6. The next screen will show you some customising options, select what you would like to see included on the report and press submitCapture3.PNG
  7. Once you have pressed submit, it will give you confirmation that the emails have been sent, the recipient will see something like this:


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