Can I find out how many times a web user has logged into the system?

Unfortunately not, you can however find out the time of the user's last login by simply clicking on:

  • Users
  • Scrolling to portal users
  • Clicking Manage portal users
  • On that screen it will display all your portal users, with a time of last login.
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    Andy Taylor

    This would be a useful feature to ensure jobs are managed correctly

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    Christopher Kenrick

    Good Afternoon Andy,

    We are currently reviewing our MyMobileWorkers Help Centre and I have come across your comment.

    Some good news here if you are not already aware! We implemented a audit log in the portal a while ago which allows you to track who has done what with your jobs, this can be found in each job.

    However if you feel that this is still a useful feature to have, I would encourage you to raise the idea (along with any other useful ideas) on our community base here.

    Kind Regards,

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