How do I add a customer or contact to the address book?

When creating a job, if the address book feature has been enabled, the user will be able to select existing customers and contact details to fill in the contact details.

Only authorised users can add a new customer or contact in the address book.

To add a new customer on the web portal:

  1. Click CRM on the top navigation bar, and go to customers on the lefthand sideCapture.PNGCapture2.PNG
  2. Underneath there are 4 options - click either create customer or create customer site

(A customer is generally defined as the business name, whereas a customer site is an individual responsible for an area (site) of the business)

3. When you click on Create Customer you will be asked for a name, contact name, contact number and SIC Code (a SIC Code is the code that is used for waste regulations), fill out these details and press save.


4. Now click Create Customer Site, you will be asked for the customer, and then all the details of the contact at the business, fill all these out and press save.

The customer is now ready to be used in a job.

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