Custom Signatures

Within the MyMobileWorkers portal there are 2 different options for signatures:

  • Job export Headers & Footers
  • Email Signature

If you wish to change/create your signatures, or set-up your email server settings then you need to go to settings and click on 'Exports' on the left hand side.


To edit the header/footer simply click on Headers & Footers followed by Edit Header or Edit Footer, depending what you need to change, you will see this:



With the various options in the toolbar you can add images, page numbers etc (if you highlight over the buttons it will tell you what they do). Once you have made the desired changes, you need to press Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

Email Signatures

This displays the same box as the Headers & Footers, if you wish you can copy and paste your email signature from your email - just press save when you have made your changes.

Email Server

If you would like your email job exports to send from your email server, you can do this under this setting, you just need to enter the email server details in there, you may need to speak to your IT Administrator about these details, although this link should guide you through your email settings.

Should you have any issues, or would like to raise a query - please get in touch with the support team, details can be found here

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