What can be edited on the portal and on the device?

When creating a job on the web portal, you are given several fields. All of the following are only editable before the job is sent down to the device:

  • Job number (this can be auto-generated by the button to the right)
  • Customer address and customer
  • Contact name
  • Primary contact number
  • Secondary contact number
  • Third contact number
  • Address (can be GPS located via the button above)
  • Postcode
  • Job date
  • Job time
  • Duration
  • Weight
  • Route
  • Mobile user
  • Branch
  • Product
  • Task
  • Special instructions
  • Priority
  • Assets

(Gas safe companies will be given some extra contact details to fill in for the landlord's details)


In the app, the following information is sent up to the portal:

  • Pre job check results
  • Repair code
  • Failure code
  • Parts
    • Item
    • Quantity
    • Code
    • Description
  • Assets
    • Scan additional
      • S/N - can do a search or scan the barcode
      • Item - optional as to whether it has to match an item in the catalogue
      • Status - any statuses set in the portal will display here
      • Location
  • Photos - optional
  • Fail job
    • Failure code
    • Failure notes
  • Notes
  • Post job checks
  • Customer satisfaction and signature


The following information is recorded from the device back up to the portal for gas safe jobs only:

  • Appliances (gas safe only)
    • Location
    • Make
    • Model
    • Type
    • Flue Type
    • Operating pressure
    • Safety devices
  • Flue Tests (gas safe only)
    • Spillage Tests
    • Smoke pellet flue flow test
    • Combustor analyser reading (if applicable)
  • Inspection details (gas safe only)
    • Satisfactory termination
    • Flue visual condition
    • Adequate ventilation
    • Landlord's appliance
    • Inspected
    • Appliance serviced
    • Appliance safe to use
  • Gas installation Pipework (gas safe only)
    • Satisfactory visual inspection
    • Emergency control accessible
    • Satisfactory gas tightness test
    • Equipotential bonding satisfactory
  • Faults (gas safe only)
    • Add fault
      • Give details of fault
      • Rectification work carried out
      • Warning notice issued
      • Warning tag issued
  • Summary of work (gas safe)
  • Engineer Declaration (gas safe)
  • Customer signature (gas safe)
    • Received by
    • Name
    • Signed
  • Customer Record Type (gas safe)
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