What do the buttons do on the main menu?

The MyMobileWorkers app main menu can contains a varying number of fields - all depending on what your company needs to use. The screenshot below shows many of the available options within the app:


  • Jobs List - view your jobs for today/tomorrow/next 7 days/next 30 days
  • RTA - Road traffic accident, report any RTA's
  • Attachments - view any company attachments for your company
  • Update Catalogue - if you use the parts catalogue, and have made changes to it on the web portal, you will need to update it on the device
  • Asset - used to scan an asset (if your company uses assets)
  • Routes - if your company uses routes to assign jobs, you will need to go through here
  • Inventory - find out what items you need for your days work
  • Create Job - Create new jobs on the device
  • Update Customers - used to update the customer address book on the app
  • Vehicle/Daily Check - this displays the checks that have been done for that day
  • Check in vehicle - used to check your vehicle back in at the end of the day
  • Sign Out - to logout at the end of the day
  • Support - used to find out what version of MMW you are using, as well as displaying our contact number and our Support Toolkit



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