How do I add appliances for a gas safe job?

Once in a gas safe job, continue through the application past Start Job and Job Assessment and you will arrive at the Appliance screen. On this screen you can add appliances by clicking on the Add Appliance button on the bottom left. You will then need to fill in the form that loads on the screen.

Details include:

  • Location
  • Make
  • Model
  • Type
  • Flue Type
  • Operating Pressure in Mbar or Heat kW/h or Btu/h
  • Mbar, kW/h Btu/h
  • Safety Device Correct Operation

Once these details are completed press continue and another screen appears with Flue Tests that need to be completed


Details include:

  • Spillage Test
  • Smoke pellet flue flow test
  • Combustion analyser reading

Once this is carried out the application will ask the user to complete an inspection test and this will then complete the add appliance process.

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