What is the catalouge feature?

The parts catalogue is a feature that enables you to add multiple parts to a catalogue, which is then available on the app. To use the parts catalogue:


On the web portal

You should already have the parts catalogue installed on the web portal, if not then go to Features and press install under Catalogue. Once installed you will see Catalogue on the toolbar.

Once you have clicked on the catalogue you will see 4 buttons down the left hand side:


  • Categories
  • If you are new to the parts catalogue, you will not see any categories but this can be done in the Create Category section. If you have used the catalogue before then you will see some categories, and within the categories you will see parts when you click on them
  • Create Category
  • You can create categories here, all you need to do is type a name and click Save
  • Items
  • The items are the parts that will be used on the job.
  • If you have never used the catalogue before then you will see no items in there and again can be rectified by clicking Create Item below this.
  • If you have items in there then you can click on the item, and it will give you more information about the item (Name, product code, category, price, notes total assets). You can choose to edit the item if need be and you can also remote the item from the main Items page by clicking the X button.
  • Create Item
  • If you wish to create some items for your drivers to use then click on this button.
  • Please note that you should create a category before you create an item.
  • When you go to create an item you will be presented with some fields to fill out (Category, Name, Notes, Product Code, Price). Once you have completed the fields, press save and you will see the item now in the main items page.


On the device

When you have created categories and items in the web portal, you are now able to use the parts catalogue on the mobile device.

When the driver logs into MyMobileWorkers and complete their vehicle checks, they will need to press Update Catalogue so that the items and categories created, appear on the mobile device.

So, when the worker is on a job, they can:


  • Click on Items on the job fault screen
  • Click Add Part and
  • Then when they begin to type the name of the item, the device should detect that it is an item from the parts catalogue (it should highlight the item in green)



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