What are assets?

The assets allow you to add items on the portal and lets you assign them to a specific branch, and if necessary to a specific customer. To use the assets, you need to make sure that you have the feature installed from the features tab, you will then see if on the toolbar next to jobs (the assets feature is a premium feature).

So once you have installed the assets feature on the web portal:


  • Click on the assets button on the toolbar
  • There will be 3 buttons down the left side(Assets, Asset History and New Asset)
  • As a default a page will appear showing all of your assets.
  • If you click on the assets themselves, it will display all the information relating to that asset, including the history of the asset. From here you can update the asset, or if you wish - delete the asset.
  • If you have no assets and wish to add some, click New Asset.


Once you have clicked on New Asset, you will be given some fields to populate they are as follows:


  • Item - what item is the asset relating to?
  • Serial Number - what is the serial number of the asset?
  • Description - description of the asset you are adding
  • Location - where is the asset located?
  • Job (optional) - you can link the asset to a specific job
  • Customer (optional) - you can link the asset to a specific customer
  • Status - you must select a status of the asset
  • Mobile user (optional) - you can select a mobile user to link the asset to


Once you have filled out the fields, press save. The asset will now appear in the main assets page on the portal and is now available to be used on the mobile device.

On the mobile device

When the driver logs in to their mobile device and updates their catalogue, they can then work through a job.  

They can add an item on the job and they can then scan an item into the job.

To scan a barcode, the user will see a barcode like button on the right hand side of the serial number, this will then open up the camera and allow them to scan an item. Once they have scanned it in, they can then complete the rest of the fields, including items from the catalogue

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