Uploading jobs/items/customers through the uploader

When you receive all of your documents (csv uploader, fieldMappings & example csv file) ensure you put them all in a sensible place (i.e. desktop) and that you have Java installed on the machine. To use the csv uploader, follow the steps below:

1.Create a CSV file with all the necessary job information (see example csv file attached)

  1. Open up the CSV desktop uploader

3.. Go to settings and ensure that the API key is correct - if you need an API key, please contact us

  1. Click 'select CSV file(s) to upload’
  2. Locate the CSV file
  3. Click open
  4. Click upload
  5. You will get confirmation of any fields/characters that are bad, otherwise it will confirm that they are fine to upload
  6. If all of the fields are in green, you can then press import
  7. You will then receive confirmation that all of the jobs have been imported
  8. Press OK, and check the portal (live.mymobileworkers.com) to check the jobs have been uploaded

You can also do the same for the items and the customers tabs too!

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