How do I invoice a customer?

Within the MyMobileWorkers portal, you have the option of invoicing your customers for a job, no matter what status it’s in.


Follow these steps to create an invoice for a customer:


  1. In the web portal, select ‘Jobs’ from the list along the top
  2. Find the job you would like to create an invoice for (the ‘Filters’ may help with this) and click on it
  3. On the menu on the left, click ‘Create invoice’. If you don’t see this option, you might not have invoicing installed. You can install it by going to ‘Features’ along the top of the page and selecting ‘Invoicing’, or [submit a support request]. 
  4. Fill out the details on the screen
  5. If the job has been completed, then any items will already be on the invoice. You can add additional items by pressing 'Add Item'
  6. Once all the details are entered, press 'Save Draft' or 'Save and Export'


‘Save draft’ allows you to save the invoice to the job, but is not yet valid.

‘Save and export’ validates the invoice. To email the invoice to the customer, [follow these steps].

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