Vehicle Management

Vehicle management

Running a successful business means not only making sure your employees are working efficiently, but also your assets. One of the most important and most costly assets of any business with mobile workers is their fleet. 

The vehicle management product within MyMobileWorkers gives businesses more insight into how their vehicles are performing.

  • Enforce vehicle checks
  • Report on vehicle damages
  • Automatic alerts on vehicle damage
  • Ensure worker safety

Enforcing vehicle safety

Enforcing workers to complete a vehicle inspection before they start their daily jobs will ensure driver safety, while you can prove that your business is doing everything within its means of accident prevention. 

Additional features such as employee signatures, enforced checkboxes and vehicle photographs create a solid process of vehicle management that employees complete on their device and can be accessed instantly in the office. Any problem that occurs, such as a failed question, will be flagged on the system and can be dealt with immediately.

Complete vehicle management

Build up a complete history of your fleet. Completed vehicle checks are stored against each vehicle, allowing you to easily see the results of previous checks, alongside any other vehicle information such as: repair documents, vehicle type (car, lorry, etc), MOT information, tax information, service information and inspection dates.

Automatic alerts can be set up when a vehicle has failed a check, or when date fields such tax or MOT expire.


To find out more or to get started with vehicle management, please speak to your account manager.

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